Saturday, March 28, 2009

Coach Gets Fired; World Ends; Film At Eleven

Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie was fired the other day after only two years on the job. While you can certainly argue whether or not the firing was warranted (Gillispie's record was a respectable 40-27 but Kentucky missed the NCAA Tournament this year for the first time in eighteen years), you can't argue that the behavior of Alan Cutler of WLEX-TV was anything but sleazy.

Watch the video below as Cutler chases Gillispie like he was Bernie Madoff down hallways and corridors of the Joe Craft Center after the firing.  My first thought was that Gillispie deserved the wrath of Cutler just for his lame I'm-on-the-phone-so-I-can't-talk-to-you-Mr.-Reporter bit, but upon further review, it is obvious who the douchebag is here.  If the hairplugs fit you must not acquit...

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