Sunday, March 15, 2009

Selling The Snake Oil in Upstate New York

I know the economy is bad but....

It may have been one of the greatest college basketball games of all-time, but it didn't take much for the pinheads in the Syracuse Athletic Marketing office to turn last week's 6-OT game against Connecticut in the Big East Tourney into a huckster cheese fest.

Exactly how long did it take them to put this gem on their website?  What they couldn’t frame Eric Devendorf’s enlarged preening ego?

The best part is that as quickly as they put the framed boxscore up for sale, they reduced the price from $79 to $69.  “Now you too can own a piece of college basketball history at a bargain basement price!”

I have already made a cleared a spot on my bookcase right next to my Barack Obama Inauguration Commemorative Yes We Can Eat Salad Bowl and my Michael Phelps gold medal bong phone.


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