Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tennessee Jed and the Mexacali Blues

What an incredible year for the University of Delaware football team. Congratulations to all of the players, coaches, and support staff.

Thanks also to my broadcast team: Mike Corey, Glen Frazier, Matty Ryan, Matt "Yalloff" Janus, Colin, and the rest of the team at Clear Channel Delaware. Great job guys!

The lesson I learned from this year is to never underestimate this team and never make vacation plans where there is any chance of a conflict. Early in the Fall, my girlfriend and I booked our annual December trip to Mexico. As we were strategizing, I assured her that I thought the week surrounding December 19, was going to be okay. I knew the Hens were going to be good; I just didn't think they were going to be "championship game" good.

Silly me.

I paid for my sins by logging a lot of air miles that week. I went from Philadelphia, to Houston, to Puerta Vallerta, and to Bucieras. Then on Thursday night before the championship game, I left Mexico and made my way to Chattanooga. On the flight from Houston to Tennessee, I sat next to former Blue Hen player and current Hollywood producer Phil Atwell. We talked Delaware football, Michael Vick, and movies for the entire bumpy flight.

After the game on Friday night, the crew and I stayed out until closing time at some extra smoky joint packed with, lucky for us, Appalachian State fans. I got back to our hotel very late, packed up my stuff, and headed straight to the airport for a very early flight back to Houston and then eventually back to Bucieras, Mexico where my beautiful girlfriend was waiting for me on the beach with an icy bucket of Pacifico. In retrospect, it was not a bad way to come down from what was a very disappointing game. (The NCAA should be ashamed and embarrassed by how poorly the game was handled by the officials and by the host school. It was a disgrace. Both teams deserved better.)

Below are all of my blog entries for this past season. For best results, read from the bottom up.

Enjoy and thanks for all of your support!

Bill Komissaroff

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